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Financial Education Needs a Rockin’ Change!

Because financial literacy is critical for success in every path a child chooses!

Introducing Cutting-Edge Financial Education

Where $ Meets Fun!

through interactive “edu-tainment”

Where education & entertainment meet to provide an impactful experience.

Easy for parents & educators & fun for kids.

The Rockin’ Dollar Dog Adventure Series

especially designed for children 4-7 year old, provides a tool to teach financial literacy in a fun way.

Introducing Book 1

The Rockin’ Gift Givers

Kids discover how thinking ahead about spending priorities can provide a valuable financial lesson.

Two children head to the store with a pocket full of change and good intentions. Luckily, they have two financial expert dogs, Rosie and Ray to help keep them on track and away from temptation!

Next up in The Rockin’ Dollar Dog Adventure Series:

  • Rockin’ Swiping – When the kids’ homemade plastic card doesn’t work at the toy store, Rosie & Ralph explain the basics of credit cards and teach them that purchases are not free.
  • Rockin’ Gumball Coins – The kids have spent hours looking for spare change in every gumball machine on Kinder Street. Rosie & Ralph come to the rescue to teach kids there are better ways to earn money.
  • The Rockin’ Money Tree – The kids can’t seem to find the money tree they’ve heard so much about. Rosie and Ralph are on the scene to separate fact from fiction and teach kids where money really comes from.

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