What a great lesson for youngsters that nobody ever talks about!! The characters are adorable, the illustrations are gorgeous and the message is an everlasting one!

Mom of 5,7 & 9 year-olds

Can we read another book?

Age 4

It was nice explaining to him how money works and asking him about times when he wanted things, but had to choose because of cost.

Dad of 4 year old Caleb

I was reading to my twin 5 year old girls while Jackson, my 7 year old was watching tv and guess what… he heard me and it caught his interest too. He stopped watching his show to listen to the story! They really related with places to go to play with their friends (tree house) and normal best distractions for kids (the candy to put them off track with their spending :)!) And they enjoyed the problem solving aspect of the story where they were involved to help solve the dilemma

Mom of twin 5 year olds and 7 year old

Great book!

Age 7

A very fun book to read aloud. Jack understood the concept and we talked about his experiences relating to getting and spending vs. saving. It happens to be very timely because he just had a birthday and received money from his grandparent!

Mom of 7 year old Jack

Great job of teaching kids about saving, prioritizing and planning purchases & behavior. We are so happy to see someone is helping to address these financial issues with children.

Bonnie & Chuck
Grandparents of 11 & 14 year old

Awesome and I can’t wait for the game!

Age 5

Such a valuable lesson. I like the way the book shows the kids buying something rather than to just save away; makes it true to real life.

Mom of 6 & 10 year old