Where $ Meets Fun!

Prepare kids for real-life money encounters

Ideas can change the world as our youngest entrepreneurs build their money talents

Develop financially-savvy kids

Foster a lifetime of responsible money skills & habits

Of Parents are more prepared to talk about the birds and the bees than about finance
Of K-12 educators have taken a workshop on personal finance

What do KIPP Teachers Say?

“Create more socially responsible adults…creating a better life” “Life skills…a great foundation for independence”

“Teaching to make the right decisions is our educator role…now we can expand that to financial!”

“They made their parents read the book with them that night”

“The kids were excited to read the book daily…concepts became more and more discussed in their house”

“They were so into it…will make a easier shift to the real world”

KIPP Teachers wish they had this program when they grew up!

Plant the seeds of Financial Success for your child today!

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